Uptown Bar liquor license could be revoked if fines aren’t paid

Uptown Bar and Grill will have their liquor license revoked for up to 30 days if owner of Team Coleman LLC Steve “Champ” Coleman doesn’t pay $675 in fines.

Coleman appeared today before City Attorney Brad Nolden and Galesburg’s Mayor and Liquor Commissioner John Pritchard.

The bar owner failed to appear at a administrative adjudication hearing scheduled for June 13 to ask for leniency on the fine.

Coleman has missed previous hearings on the matter but he says he never received notifications asking him to appear.

He was under the impression that today’s liquor commission hearing was the adjudication hearing.

Attorney Nolden says that the notices were sent to three separate addresses.

Coleman expressed frustration about what he says is a continuing issue of not being aware of hearing dates because of mailings he hasn’t received.

Pritchard took the recommendation of Nolden to revoke Uptown’s liquor license for no longer than 30 days or until Coleman pays the fines.