Knox County Board approves rate allowance for landfill contract

Much discussion swirled around the landfill at last night’s Knox County Board meeting.
Landfill administrator Jerry Reynolds says he was contacted by an independent hauler looking to contract in the area and overall expand his business. 

The anonymous individual approached Reynolds with the hopes of receiving the residential rate of $36 for hauling to the landfill instead of the $40 outside rate. 

It is projected that the deal would increase revenue by $100,000 a year over the next five years, meaning the contract with the individual could accumulate roughly half a million dollars for the county. 

Although there was some opposition from the board, a vote did pass with 7 members in favor and 6 opposed. 

Also during the meeting last night it was announced that Jerry Reynolds would be retiring from his position as the landfill administrator, effective May 5th. 

He is quoted as saying if a suitable replacement has not been found by that time, he is willing to temporarily stay on until a qualified replacement is hired.