Illinois lead mitigation law goes into effect in 2017

A new law will take effect in Illinois on Jan. 1 that hopes to further protect renters against the hazards of lead.
Beginning on New Year’s Day, once a landlord receives a notice to mitigate lead hazard, they must abate or mitigate the hazard before they are allowed enter to enter into a new lease.

Owners would only be able to enter into a new lease when they received a letter of compliance.

If the hazard is from lead paint, mitigation must include removing surfaces with dust, flakes or paint chips out of reasonable reach of children. 

Representatives for Galesburg, Republicans Don Moffitt and Norine Hammond were split on the bill, Moffitt in favor, Hammond against.

Senators representing Galesburg were also split with Democrat John Sullivan voting aye, and Chuck Weaver voting nay.

According to numbers from the Knox County Health Department from 1992-2015 there were 10,527 children tested for dangerous levels on lead in Knox County.

In that period about 5.2 percent tested positive for elevated levels which can severely affect mental physical development.