Mistake about height at a new job forces a trip to a doctor

Common sense is a rare commodity, they say. What if you were filling out papers at a new job and accidentally listed your height as 6″ instead of 6’….wouldn’t you assume the employer would know you meant 6 feet instead of 6 inches? A man filling out papers at a new job in England listed his height as 17cm (6.5″) when he’s actually 176cm (about 5′ 9″). Oddly, he had to list his weight too. That produced immediate concern from Human Resources, but not about an employee only half-a-foot tall. It was because he was too heavy for his height.

Of course with a height of six-and-a-half inches, anyone’s actual weight is going to produce a massive BMI (body mass index) and his new employer notified him to see the doctor, for being dangerously overweight. For a height of six inches, he was!