STUDY: Dressing Sexy Makes People Think You’re Uneducated

According to a new study, dressing sexy makes people think you’re uneducated. British researchers found that women who wore shorter skirts, high heels and had plunging necklines at their graduation were assumed to have worse grades in

STUDY: Cold Myths

Did your parents ever tell you not to go outside in the winter without a coat or you’d catch a cold? Or that if you went outside with wet hair you’d get sick? Even though these things


Most of the kids in one Cincinnati neighborhood love playing in the snow and building a snow fort. Now, thanks to one girl’s amazing dad, all of the kids can enjoy the snow fort. Greggory Eichhorn and

WEIRD NEWS: Taking a Stab at Marriage

Romance in Russia is alive and well, albeit incredibly bizarre. A man who survived being stabbed 13 times by his girlfriend did something completely unexpected in court last week. As the woman was testifying and trying to