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Happy News

Three-year-old Wolfgang Reader of Toronto who’s obsessed with garbage trucks only got to invite two people to his birthday this month because of social distancing.  And he chose the two trash collectors who handle his route, so

Pet Tails

A cat is thought to have survived for two months in a shipping container by eating spiders and licking up condensation. When Monty first disappeared back in July, owners Beverley and Paul Chapman, from Cornwall, UK, didn’t

KFC Crocs

In case you haven’t noticed, Crocs are having a moment right now. The brand is cool with everyone from Gen Z to your grandma. But something tells me it’s about to get even MORE beloved because Crocs has partnered

Grand Slam Wedding

Restaurant chain Denny’s in Las Vegas is giving away free weddings on Valentine’s Day. Normally, weddings at the ‘Denny’s Chapel’ runs $200, but between noon and 6pm on Valentine’s Day couples showing up with a marriage license