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BEYONCE: Denied Filming Inside The Colosseum

Beyoncé got a rare rejection. She and Jay-Z requested special access to film a music video inside Rome’s Colosseum. The Ministry of Cultural Heritage said nope. Too late. Italian scientist Alberto Angela had The Colosseum booked on those dates. Their One The Run

ROSEANNE: Spinoff Without Roseanne Barr Is On

ABC will reboot the recently canceled Roseanne show without Roseanne Barr. Sara Gilbert, John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf will return this fall in a show called The Conners. Gilbert is expected to anchor the sit-com. Writers haven’t determined how they’ll explain Roseanne’s absence. A death

ED SHEERAN: Lego Head!

Ed Sheeran introduced us to a “Lego House” in a song — and now he’s unveiled a Lego Ed! The ginger-haired star just donated a pair of Lego-brick self-portraits to a charity shop in his hometown, proving that

THE OFFICE: Actor Hugh Dane Has Died

Hugh Dane, the actor best-known as Hank the security guard on The Office, has passed away. He was 75. Dane’s co-star on The Office, Rainn Wilson, broke the news yesterday (Monday) on Twitter writing, “RIP Hugh Dane, aka Hank the

MICHAEL JACKSON: Estate Sues ABC Over Special

The estate of Michael Jackson has sued ABC and parent company Disney for copyright violations linked to last week’s prime-time special. Claiming “willful and intentional copyright infringement” for using copyrighted materials without permission, the estate cites “significant and repeated

Where the Fans Stand

Beyonce fans want stricter gun laws, and Taylor Swift‘s fans do not support gay marriage — those are two of the takeaways from a new survey done by ticket re-seller TickPick. The poll, which asked about a number of issues,

WHITNEY HOUSTON: Sexually Abused as a Child

The Whitney Houston documentary debuted at the Cannes Film Festival with a bombshell revelation: she was sexually abused by Dionne Warwick’s sister. Whitney dropped hints but in her lifetime never spoke openly about being molested. In one interview, Whitney said, (quote) “Child