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MENTAL FLOSS TRIVIA: This year marks the 40th Annual Knox County Scenic Drive coming up the first two full weekends in October (Oct. 7th & 8th and 14th & 15th). How many “official” stops are there on the Knox County Scenic Drive?

ANSWER:  There are NINE official stops on the Knox County Scenic Drive –  Knoxville, The Knox County Fairgrounds, Walnut Grove Farm, Hawthorne Center, Maquon, Orange Chapel, Elmwood, Yates City and The Wolf Covered Bridge.

Do You Believe In Aliens?

A new survey finds that 47% of Americans believe aliens do actually exist. 39% of people believe aliens have visited Earth at some point, although only 18% believe alien abduction is real. Only 16.74% of people claim

Amazing video

Although the video is titled ‘Lightening strikes river’, it’s actually video of a detonation cord used for lighting explosives. Still cool though.