Marine emerges as hero in Orlando

Marine veteran Imran Yousuf saved some 70 patrons at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, by opening a locked door when he heard gunfire from a high-powered weapon. Imran Yousuf works as a bouncer at Pulse, and says his

Clash of Meta: man with spear downs drone

In a wonderful clash of worlds, a man at a Middle Ages festival uses a spear to take down a drone. That’s taking reenactment to a whole different level! The spear-throw is thankfully at the start of

Make dating great again…?

If  you know someone who is single and seriously wondering about moving to Canada, there’s a website for that. was started by a man from Texas, after Super Tuesday, when searches for “move to Canada” reached a historic

Stones to Trump: Don’t Start Us Up

Add the Rolling Stones to the growing roster of artists and bands asking Donald Trump to please stop using their music for his campaign. The BBC reports that the Stones have asked for an immediate cease-and-desist. Trump