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Letter carrier Fernando Garcia was on his daily route in Norwalk, California, when he sprang into action to save a man who had severely cut his arm with a chainsaw. The U.S. Postal Service worker heard screams

Easter Movies To Watch This Weekend

It doesn’t really feel like Easter is this Sunday. Family get-togethers with elaborate brunches and dinners, big Easter Egg hunts, and more have all been cancelled or postponed. That can be really disappointing for everyone, but especially

Biggest Laundry Myths

USA Today has come out with the 3 Biggest Laundry Myths, Using more detergent and water makes for a better clean. Extra water just dilutes the detergent, plus it causes clothes to float and get farther away from the

KFC Crocs

In case you haven’t noticed, Crocs are having a moment right now. The brand is cool with everyone from Gen Z to your grandma. But something tells me it’s about to get even MORE beloved because Crocs has partnered

Grand Slam Wedding

Restaurant chain Denny’s in Las Vegas is giving away free weddings on Valentine’s Day. Normally, weddings at the ‘Denny’s Chapel’ runs $200, but between noon and 6pm on Valentine’s Day couples showing up with a marriage license

MENTAL FLOSS TRIVIA: 38 years ago today, in 1981, MTV was launched in an estimated 2 million homes at 12:01 A.M. It started off with the words, “Ladies and gentleman, rock and roll.” What was the first video played and what was the name of the group?

Answer:  “Video Killed The Radio Star” by The Buggles…whose prophecy did NOT come true, thank you very much.  In fact, MTV gave up playing videos YEARS ago, and nobody’s heard from the Buggles in 30 years.    This

Worst Christmas Gifts Ever

Not all gifts are created equal …  A recent trending post on Reddit had users lamenting the worst gifts they’d ever received. Just be glad you didn’t get some of these … A fast food gift card A moldy,

A Polite Thief

A sticky-fingered British thief clearly aced his burglary final and even offered to pitch in on the studies of one of his victims — by sending back schoolwork that had been stored on the laptop he’d stolen.

Worst Wedding Gifts

Giving a wedding gift is pretty easy. You either give cash or buy something off the registry. No need to get creative. There’s a reason why the newlyweds set up a registry. THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT!!!! Unfortunately,

Does Your Pet Love You?

While you might love your pet, there’s no guarantee your pet loves you – or is even capable of loving you. Here’s a rundown of some pets – ranked by their capacity for “love”: Dogs Parrots Pigs

14th Annual River-2-River Cruise Night

Join 105.3 KFM for the 14th annual River-to-River Cruise Night in downtown Galesburg! Hundreds of vintage cars, street cars, trucks, antiques and special interest vechicles will line East Main Street between the square and Seminary street. Grab