Pet Tails

A man hunting pythons in the Florida Everglades almost lost a battle to one. Video of the man fighting the 17-foot snake shows the snake biting him. The man was bleeding heavily and worried about passing out. Fortunately he’s going to be ok.

PAGE TWO: Police in Western Australia were led on a high-speed chase with some serious horsepower last week.

Two racehorses at a training facility simultaneously bucked their riders after they were spooked by some kangaroos and took off running. They got out of their enclosure and trotted down the median of a highway. A witness captured video of a horse as it ran by with a police car giving chase.

One of the horses was finally corralled about five miles away when some bystanders were able to calm it down. The other got about two miles away before some rangers were able to grab a hold of it. Neither was harmed and no one was hurt.