Christmas Cash Winners

105.3 KFM and Kohl’s Diamond Gallery adding a little extra green to your Christmas with KFM’s Christmas Cash Giveaway! Each weekday through December 23, someone will win $100.

Congratulations to our $100 Christmas Cash winners:

(12/23)  Lori Page of Knoxville
(12/20)  Christina Guerrero of Dahinda
(12/19)  Nadine Nice of Galesburg
(12/18)  Becky McGraw of Rio
(12/17)  Sue Davidson of Knoxville
(12/16)  Kathy Kilgore of Galesburg
(12/13)  Christina Hayward of Galesburg
(12/12)  Amber Smith of Knoxville
(12/11)  Crystal Williams of Galesburg
(12/10)  Laurie Johnson of Knoxville
(12/09)  Morgan Skinner of Knoxville
(12/06)  Leny McCarthy of Knoxville
(12/05)  Shelly Robbins of Elmwood
(12/04)  Debora Johnson of Galesburg
(12/03)  Deb Gamble of Galesburg