WHITNEY HOUSTON: Sexually Abused as a Child

The Whitney Houston documentary debuted at the Cannes Film Festival with a bombshell revelation: she was sexually abused by Dionne Warwick’s sister.

Whitney dropped hints but in her lifetime never spoke openly about being molested. In one interview, Whitney said, (quote) “Child abuse makes me angry. It bothers me that children, who depend on adults for security and love, it makes me angry.”

Her long-time personal assistant recalled a tearful conversation as Whitney confessed her secret. She told Mary Jones, (quote) “I was molested at a young age. But it wasn’t by a man — it was a woman.”

Whitney’s half-brother says in the film that he was a victim, too. (quote) “Seven, eight, nine years old and being molested by a female family member.” It’s allegedly Dee Dee Warwick, who passed away a decade ago. (Vanity Fair)