Voter cards for March Election mailed to Galesburg registered voters

Voter cards to all registered voters within the Galesburg city limits were mailed out Wednesday by the Galesburg election office. 

In a statement, the office said that “due to the recent precinct reduction, it’s important for all city registered voters to replace their old card with the new orange card to ensure they go to the correct polling location and precinct on Election Day.”

The precinct reduction is estimated to save $4,000 in taxpayer funds per election.

Everyone will have the same elected officials such as aldermen and county board members – with the exception of possible precinct committeemen changes.

This election includes nominating candidates for State, Congressional and County Offices.

The next election will be held March 20th, 2018, and there will be three ways to vote: early voting, vote by mail, and voting on election day.

Early voting will take place at the Galesburg Election Office, vote by mail requires voters to submit an application by calling the election office or visiting the city’s website, and voting on election day – simply visit your precinct’s polling place to cast your vote.

Vote-by-mail applications and ballots are available by calling the election office 40 days before the election.

For questions, call the Galesburg Election office at 345-3660.