Bustos opposing President Trump on budget cuts and Russia investigation

Rep. Cheri Bustos is finding many of President Donald Trump’s actions distressing. Bustos says there’s work to be done in Washington and Congress needs to get to the bottom of Russian election meddling so they can turn their focus on to the nation’s business.

“With each passing tweet,” exclaims Bustos, “that comes from the president and with each distraction that’s coming out we cant get down and talk about jobs, infrastructure, and improving our heath care. That’s the kind of thing we should be talking about.”

President Trump has submitted his proposed federal budget. Bustos says the budget seems to “forget people in this part of the nation”. She cites a proposed 20 percent cut to the USDA, slashes to crop insurance and cuts to rural economic development programs. Another bone Bustos has to pick with Trump’s budget is the proposed shutdown of the Peoria Agriculture Research Lab, which is the largest of its kind in the nation. She says this proposal in particular is not bi-partisan as she was joined by GOP Rep. Darin LaHood in opposing the lab’s shutdown. They have sent a letter to the president on the subject but according to the congresswoman it’s “like crickets.” Bustos still wants to work with the president where their “values align” but doesn’t think that he is interested in a bipartisan approach.