205 passed new grade requirements for athletes

Recently the district 205 school board passed new rules for students who compete in athletic competition with regard to grade requirements. At the April tenth board meeting revisions to the athletic code were accepted by unanimous consent to make the requirements more in-line with IHSA rules. Galesburg High School’s Athletic Director Jeff Flater says the existing policy, which is a three-tier system, includes passing 3 out of 4 classes and have a minimum GPA of 1.75

“That’s more stringent than the IHSA,”says Flater, “the IHSA dose not have a minimal grade point average. The third tier which is kept in place is students have to be on track to graduate.”

Flater says the system was too confusing to both parents and students. The new athletic code is closer to IHSA rules, but standards are still set higher with the requirement for students to be on track to graduate.